No economic clarity

APROPOS the editorial ‘No economic clarity’ (Oct 3). I wonder why the government doesn’t go after smugglers and property sector thieves.
The government should initiate a ruthless crackdown on the smugglers operating in Karkhano Market in Peshawer as well as the thousands of shops selling smuggled items in Karachi and other cities.
In this manner, the state can save at least $10 billion every year.
In the property sector, those who manipulate prices have made it impossible for the common man to buy a house. The government should take stringent steps to recover its levies and other taxes.
If the Federal Board of Revenue manages to net even a quarter of the seven trillion rupees black money invested in this sector, then the government will have no need to impose new taxes or increase gas, petrol and electricity rates.
Published in Dawn, October 5th, 2018