It's frightening, really scary. Pakistan's new prime minister (Imran Khan) has a wife who is in direct contact with djinns, fairies and other similar beings. I know many people who believe in the existence of djinns and fairies, but so far none of them has said that they talk to them every now and then. But Imran Khan's latest wife not only does that, she also believes that she was able to make him win the recent elections which elevated him to the top office of the country.

In fact, it is widely rumoured that he consults her before taking any decision, like whether to go abroad or to use a helicopter to go to his office every morning.

What makes me scared is that one day one of those djinns or fairies will tell her to advise her husband to launch a war against a neighbouring country, and he might do it. It should worry every Pakistani, and if we want to be safe we should pray that it never happens.