In the Faizabad "engineered" sit-in case, Justice Qazi Faez Isa has drawn a very dark picture of the country.  He wondered why the people of Pakistan are destined to live in constant fear while those who ransack everything, flout the constitution, and restrict the right to movement do so fearlessly. So this is the kind of democracy we live in? Are we always destined to live in fear? Do we have any rights at all? 

Those who boldly oppose the establishment are picked up, tortured and sometimes even killed. No wonder the fearless Pakhtuns have decided to protest, and even though all media outlets have been ordered not to cover their protests, they have attracted a lot of attention. People are talking about what happened when the establishment cracked down on Bengalis, which ultimately resulted in the dismemberment of the country. Will those who really rule the country at gunpoint ever learn from history? I doubt it.