When her husband became addicted to Geo-watching, she didn't hesitate. She went to the thousand-year old shrine near the sea shore and spoke to the wise man there who knew everything. Such men are known as "pirs" and there are many of them in the country, most of whom are fake. 
"Master", she wailed, "my husband keeps watching Geo TV on his cell phone and laptop and tablet, our neighbors have stopped talking to us, my children have been expelled from their schools, our driver and maid have left us for good, and we can't find anyone willing to work for us". 
"Has anyone else in your family ever been affected by this dangerous disease?" asked the wise man.
"Thank God, no", the woman replied.
"Well, before the local mullah issues a fatwa to kill your husband, we have to cure him. We have good experience turning people into crocodiles or camels, which one would you like?"
"Crocodiles?", the woman shrieked.
"Yes, those crocodiles you see in the Manghopir shrine in the hills outside Karachi, they were all Geo-watchers once", said the master.
"Can't you give me some medicine or a talisman which can cure him?" the woman pleaded.
"No", said the wise one, "But if you agree, I'll give you some pills which you can put in his tea, he will fall asleep and we'll bring him here in an ambulance. After a couple of months of torture, he will be convinced watching Geo is a heinous sin, and he will spend the rest of his life persuading Geo-watchers they will burn in hell if they don't stop watching Geo TV".
The poor woman had no choice but to agree.