Malala and her admirers wonder why she is hated by so many in the country of her birth. Among the people who hate her are the ones who have been brainwashed into believing that Pakistan was created for Muslims only, that a woman's place is in the home, that a Muslim woman should not speak to foreigners, and a Muslim woman should never object if her husband wants her to bear at least fifteen children.

So, for these haters, any Muslim woman who speaks in the presence of male strangers should immediately be declared an infidel. The same goes for any Muslim woman who wants to vote in elections. And if a Muslim woman dares to ask her husband for a divorce, she should be made to march naked in public, and then shot.

One of Malala's "crimes" was that she was reporting to the BBC about the heinous activities of the Taleban in Swat, who were in those days called "stakeholders" in running the country. It was only after they had killed a hundred and forty school children that those in charge decided that a red line had been crossed and they should be stopped. Just yesterday the government surrendered to some Taleban-type mullahs led by the foul-mouthed Khadim Hussain Rizvi and agreed to their demands after they had paralyzed Lahore for three days.

The final blow was of course the Nobel Prize. This was enough to condemn the poor girl even among those who want a new Pakistan. So, it won't be long before Pakistani women are banned from using the internet or even answering telephone calls, because these Stone-Age people believe that if a male stranger talks to a Muslim woman, either she has to marry him (if she's unmarried) or she is automatically divorced (if married).