One popular misconception among Pakistanis  (and many Indians, for that matter) is that Britain deliberately divided the subcontinent. Nothing could be further from the truth. Britain's viceroy Mountbatten tried his best to convince Mr. Jinnah that Pakistan would never be able to survive. Even Nehru said, "Let them have their Pakistan, in six months they'll be back, begging to be taken back into India". He had been deceived by the propaganda of his own advisers, much like today, when rabid Hindu Indians are convinced that Pakistan would never have survived without foreign aid. 

Today's generation, of course, does not know much of history, except the doctored version taught in  schools (of both countries). So they do not know that before the two countries became independent, and the British became convinced that it could not prevent Pakistan from happening, they handed over Gurdaspur (which rightfully belonged to Pakistan) to India. Even the D.C. of Gurdaspur was shocked, because he had raised Pakistan's flag on 15 August 1947. This, by the way, is another thing those Pakistanis born after 1947 don't know, that for the first two or three years after 1947, Independence Day was celebrated on August 15.

So, it is obvious that the Kashmir dispute was planned before the two countries became independent, to ensure that there would be no peace between the two countries and they would always be at war with each other.