I have never understood why Imran Khan's supporters can't see that he is a liar and mentally incapable. He may be over 70 but he often acts like he has the mind of a ten-year old boy. Every day he does something that is enough to convict him. His latest is to compare himself with a traitor (Shaikh Mujeebur Rahman) and uploading a video of the latter in which he says a lot against Pakistan. Imran Khan has refused to answer questions about this to the police investigating the matter.

Before that, his social media team claimed that hundreds of Pakistani girl students had been raped in Kyrgistan, and a similar number killed. This caused all Pakistani students to rush back to the mother country. Even though Indian and Bangladeshi students had been targeted, all of them stayed back.  

Then there was the matter of asking the IMF not to give loans to the government. In any other country, this would have resulted in a life sentence, if not death. He also persuaded the British High Commissioner to question the results of the general elections in the country. Mind you, no one questioned the results of the previous elections in 2018, which were massively rigged to get Imran Khan elected.

I don't think Imran Khan will ever realize that he's his own worst enemy.