Documented economy

IF there is one good thing the current opposition party did when it was in power, it was to introduce the point-of-sale (POS) system whereby people had the incentive to buy from shops that were paying sales tax. Every month there was a prize draw and many people benefited. But the government that came in place of the ousted entity stopped the prize draw, and for the last two years, customers have been paying a rupee for every invoice without a draw being held.

Not only that, the current government has made it even harder for people to register their invoices. Previously, one had to register only once on the ‘Tax Assan’ mobile phone application (app), which used to take less than a minute to register an invoice.

Now, people have to enter their CNIC and mobile phone numbers along with the invoice numbers. A verification code is then sent to their cellphones. This whole procedure often takes up to 15 minutes before the invoice is verified.

Why is a simple and easy process made difficult and time consuming? Perhaps, this has been done by someone in the government who is not in favour of having the economy documented.

Shakir Lakhani


May 13, 2024