The major surprise in the Dubai property scandal is that the list does not contain the names of any Pakistani judge. Of course, they may have bought properties in the names of their relatives, so we can’t be certain. It’s surprising that none of our crooked judges have a house in Dubai. Perhaps they have kept their wealth in Swiss bank accounts.

The notorious cop Rao Anwer has enough wealth to last him a hundred years. All he has to do is to sell his Dubai properties and keep the money in a bank account, the interest from which will enable him, his wife and children and even their grandchildren to live in luxury for their whole lives.

No surprise that Imran Khan’s favorite (Farah Gogi) too has properties there. She’s the one who decamped after facing arrest for her corruption. And another Imran’s accomplice (Sher Afzal Marwat) is also listed as an owner. Of course, Nawaz Sharif too is there, his son Hussain owning a bungalow. But that shouldn’t be a surprise, seeing that the Sharifs have been looting the country for so long.

It proves that Pakistan is a failed state, considering that 17,000 persons were easily able to transfer their wealth (eleven billion dollars) out of the country so easily.