I've never understood why Imran Khan's supporters get so emotional whenever he is criticized. I mean, I'm never aroused when someone calls me names or says that I'm incompetent. During the recent Congressional hearings, the Assistant Secretary of State Donald Lu revealed how he was threatened by Imran Khan's supporters when he refused to admit that their leader had been removed as a result of a conspiracy hatched by the US.

The latest victim is Shahid Afridi, another popular cricketer who made the mistake of saying that the country needs to be united and both the government as well as the opposition have good and bad persons. He also made the mistake of imitating Imran Khan's habit of saying "I, I" all the time, as if he alone was running the country. This has incensed Imran Khan and his supporters, who have boycotted Afridi's restaurant and other businesses in Lahore. The poor guy had to apologize and say that he considers Imran Khan as his hero and mentor. But the damage has been done. 

Of course, it was only to be expected. People in Karachi would never have reacted so violently, but this happened in Lahore, where Imran Khan is regarded as a kind of prophet.