Islamabad High Court judges have always favored Imran Khan's party (PTI) so much that some people strongly suspected they were being paid to do so. Now they've openly rebelled against the establishment, claiming that they are being pressurized in cases against PTI. In the case against Imran Khan for marrying a divorcee without observing the mandatory waiting period prescribed by Islam, they were told to proceed with the case and not declare that it is not maintainable. They've also claimed that their bedrooms were bugged by the agencies. 

It's good that they've come out in the open, but the question arises, why didn't they protest earlier, when the establishment was pressurizing them to convict Nawaz Sharif, and deny bail to his party workers? More specifically, when their favorite Imran Khan himself said that the agencies helped him in running his government, and he supported them for tapping phones of his opponents? Why did they not support Justice Shaukat Siddiqui who was not heard when he claimed that the ISI threatened him to convict Nawaz Sharif? Why this double standard?