Most Pakistanis, even the ones with university degrees, are not really educated. They've never read a book after graduation, all their information is from what they hear in mosques and in religious matters, they are highly emotional. They're ready to kill anyone who tells them that something they've believed throughout their lives is not true.

Many years ago, a Memon woman (related to a niece of mine) was killed by her husband in the U.S. The couple had been operating an Islamic radio station and educating Muslims about things they didn't know. One day, they had an argument, so the man attacked her with an axe, chopping off her head. He was sentenced to a long prison term.

The other day, two girls studying in a madressah in KP were sentenced to death for killing their teacher. One of the two girls had dreamed that she would be granted a good place in heaven if she killed the teacher (who was supposed to have committed blasphemy in the dream). KP of course is the province where superstition reigns supreme. It's also the home province of Imran Khan, the man responsible for the mess the country is in today. 

Of course, in the rest of the country also the people are deeply superstitious, which is why such cases are common in Pakistan. It will be take many many years of real education before our people become liberal.