Crying foul

Monday, Mar 18, 2024


·        After every election in the country, the losers always cry foul and refuse to accept that the elections were free and fair. However, as far as I can recall, never has a losing party appealed to foreigners to interfere in our internal affairs. Even in the aftermath of the extremely controversial 2018 elections, the losing parties tried not to damage Pakistan’s image abroad. But today, the party which indirectly got the largest number of appears to be doing its best to hurt the country. Its leader has asked the IMF to tie future economic aid to an audit of the 2024 election results. A few days ago, some of its supporters even staged a demonstration outside IMF headquarters in Washington DC, trying to undermine the mandate of the current government. What next? Why not ask the IMF or the World Bank to conduct fresh elections in the country?


Shakir Lakhani