It looks like Imran Khan's party (PTI) has gone too far. They appear to have persuaded the Rawalpindi Commissioner to confess being involved in rigging the recent elections. The man suddenly alleged that he had been about to kill himself in the morning, but decided to reveal everything to appease his conscience. He even accused the Chief Justice of involvement in the rigging process.

There are a number of holes in his statement. A District Commissioner is not involved in any way in conducting elections. He only has to provide security and transport to the election staff, besides doing any other task assigned to him. So there is no truth in his allegation that he arranged massive rigging in Rawalpindi. All the Returning Officers and others in counting votes have denied that he pressurized them to do the rigging.

Then there are other facts which have come to light. He was denied promotion last week to the next higher grade (a month before his retirement). He is known to be close to PTI politicians, in fact one of his cousins was a candidate in the recent elections. He's also reported to have obtained a US visa recently. So it's possible that Imran Khan's cronies told him he would be given a safe passage after they get to form the next government.

As for accusing the Chief Justice of Pakistan, it may be due to the fact that the PTI was not allowed to use its election symbol ("cricket bat") by the apex court bench which was headed by the CJP. PTI is known to be annoyed with this decision and may have wanted to take revenge. In fact, the party has demanded that both the Chief Election Commissioner and the Chief Justice should immediately resign.

But the most damning thing is that the Rawalpindi Commissioner admitted that he was going to commit suicide. This proves that he's mentally challenged and cannot be trusted.