Just when you thought Imran Khan would now change himself into a patriotic Pakistani, he has come up with another step to damage the country. He's tried everything to hurt the country's interests after being routed in the recent elections. His powerful social media team has successfully got foreign governments (including the US) asking Pakistan to investigate the alleged rigging in the elections. He got a serving district commissioner to say that he (the commissioner) arranged massive rigging in eleven Rawalpindi constituencies (the commissioner has now retracted, saying that he did so after being promised a lucrative post after retirement by a prominent PTI politician).

His social media team has also targeted the Chief Justice of Pakistan after the latter freed on bail an Ahmedi from jail. The man had been arrested in 2019 for publishing and distributing a proscribed book linked to the Ahmadiyya faith, even though there was no law at the time preventing him from doing so (the law came into effect two years later, in 2021). The man had already served thirteen months in jail. The Chief Justice (Qazi Faez Issa) is being targeted because he had infuriated Imran Khan by refusing to allot his party the "cricket bat" symbol in the recent elections.

But the latest attempt by Imran Khan to subvert the country is a letter to the IMF, requesting it not to give any loans to the new Pakistan government. He had earlier done so as well, after being removed as prime minister in 2022, when two of his ministers had told the IMF that their government in two provinces would not repay any loan.

This is one thing that Indians would never do. Even though they know that their government is indulging in massacring Muslims and Christians, they will never criticize it in the presence of foreigners. They would never think of asking foreigners to interfere in their country's affairs. But of course Imran Khan is different. I'm amazed that his advisors didn't tell him to refrain from further damaging the country. But then, they love him so much they can't see that the man is a serious security risk for the country.