The Establishment has bungled in the conviction of Imran Khan and his wife in the Tosha Khana case, even though it's evident that he cheated the government of billions.

Briefly, Imran Khan is alleged to have sold the gifts he received from the Saudi prince and others for six billion rupees. He declared that he sold them for a ridiculously low amount (a few million) and deposited a third of this amount in the government treasury. He produced fake receipts from a shop in Islamabad as evidence, but the shop owner denied that he gave the receipt. This of course is enough to convict Imran Khan to many years in jail.

The judge who convicted him to fourteen years in jail had earlier requested that he should be allowed to go on leave due to ill health. This is the same judge (Mohammed Bashir), who had earlier convicted former prime minister Nawaz Sharif in 2018 (earning much praise from Imran Khan and his cronies). This time, the government didn't accept his leave application but ordered him to go ahead with the trial. The judge acted with undue haste and concluded the trial, even though Imran Khan's lawyers were not present. The High Court will definitely overturn the verdict on appeal because of this, even though it's an open and shut case of highway robbery.