Finally both Imran Khan and his sidekick (Shah Mahmood Qureishi) have been sentenced to serve ten years in jail. I must admit that I'm surprised, I was expecting them to be sentenced for life (if not death).

For the past few days, rumours had been circulating that they would both get capital punishment, so that their party workers would come out and disrupt the country, leading to the postponement of elections.  But now that danger has passed. 

Imran Khan's sister said the other day that he's lost his mental balance. Any psychologist could have told her that years ago. I'm amazed that his supporters think that he's perfectly normal, despite his lies and turnarounds these past four years. He'll go completely berserk and attack someone physically if he's made to serve another year in prison. Ten years of course would wreck him physically as well. 

There's something called karma. I didn't believe in it until now. But what has happened to Imran Khan has turned me into a believer. He used to be so arrogant that he thought he would live forever. When in power, he devoted almost all his energy into putting his political opponents in jail. Despite being advised to hold talks, he refused. Now, after five months in jail, he says he'll talk to anyone to get himself released. He should have taken up the Establishment's offer to go into exile in Saudi Arabia, but he thought he is so popular that the public will come out in his support. Now he knows his so-called popularity was engineered by those who selected him.