In 1967 Israel was able to defend itself against the combined armies of Egypt, Syria and Jordan. It took over Jerusalem and the West Bank and has continued expanding since then. In 1973 Egypt was neutralized by Israel and the U.S. after the 1973 war. Despite the oil embargo, the West supported Israel. 

Today, Saudi Arabia and the UAE are getting closer to Israel because they think Iran is the greater threat. What should other Muslim countries do? Despite the clear threat from Israel (which will not be satisfied unless and until it takes over all Middle East countries), there is no unity among Muslims. Mind you, three non-Muslim countries in Latin America have sided with the Palestinians and Bolivia has even cut off ties with Israel due to its indiscriminate killing of civilians in Gaza. 

There are so many things Muslim countries can do, besides breaking off with Israel. But will they? In Malaysia, Muslims have boycotted Starbucks, which has seen its sales decreasing so much that it is thinking of leaving the country. Unfortunately, Zionist firms helping Israel are so many that we can't boycott all of them. 

If Saudi Arabia does recognize Israel, it will be a death blow for Palestinians. All Muslim countries should persuade the Saudis not to do so.

Muslims should study why Israel is able to get away with everything including genocide. They should invest more in educating their citizens. Pakistanis, with their massive ignorance of science, cannot be expected to do anything, but I have high hopes from Malaysia and Indonesia.