This question has always perplexed me. We have seen, in recent years, George Bush waging wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, killing millions of Muslims, and not being punished for it. Before that, in the 1960s and 70s, the Americans bombed Vietnam to kill millions, but still no one has the guts to try them for war crimes. Nowadays, the Israelis are bent upon exterminating Palestinians and despite widespread protests in almost all countries, no one is able to stop them.

Of course, one reason is that the Americans are militarily the most powerful nation on earth. They give almost four billion dollars every year to Israel (which undoubtedly uses part of it to bribe US congressmen and senators). The Zionists are in fact so powerful that the US will now give more than fourteen billion dollars to Israel, despite not having enough to spend on health care for its own citizens.

There is something else which we ignore. It's what we do and they don't. For instance, they never prevent their women from voting in elections. They won't even think of forcing a biology teacher to say that evolution never happened or that women should not be allowed to venture out of their homes. They don't consider birth control as a heinous sin. Their governments do not encourage attacks on minorities. They implement their laws strictly. 

But of course our leaders will never do what they do.