We've always known that most of our police constables and inspectors are corrupt and are often involved in robbery and similar crimes. It's because they've been appointed by politicians who have been paid to get them employed. But most police officers are usually not involved in crimes like dacoities (even though some of them do take their share of the money earned by their subordinates indulging in crimes).

So people were shocked when a police officer was found involved in robbing a trader in the Orangi township of Karachi. Umair Tariq Bajari is a DSP who raided the trader's house and looted more than twenty million rupees besides jewelry and other valuables. As expected, he was found involved in kidnapping for ransom and looting others in the past. I'm sure there are others like him indulging in similar crimes elsewhere in the country but the victims are too scared to report. As they say, "It's better to stay away from the police as much as possible".

When I was running the salt works, some expensive electrical items were stolen. My partner, who was dreadfully afraid of cops, begged me not to report the theft. But I had no choice, as the electric utility company would not replace the meter unless the police was informed. I went into the police station but my partner remained outside, convinced that I would return only after being soundly beaten. The Station House Officer was very polite, offered me a cup of tea, then escorted me to my car. My partner was amazed. This fear of the police is ingrained in the minds of most Pakistanis.