Khawar Maneka, the ex-husband of Bushra Bibi (Imran Khan's current wife) has suddenly appeared and cast aspersions against his wife. We already knew that she married Imran Khan despite having five children and being married for 28 years to Maneka. At that time, Maneka had praised both his ex-wife and her new husband, saying that they were both very pious and God-fearing. He even went to Saudi Arabia in the same plane with them (being so close to one's ex-wife is forbidden in Islam). But then, he's been a senior Customs officer, so you can't expect him to know much about Islam.

It's been known for a long time that Maneka has benefited enormously from Bushra's marriage to Imran. So one wonders why now, after almost four years, he's come out with these allegations about his wife. Perhaps he's been told that all cases against him will be withdrawn if he does so.

Now he says that she wanted a divorce so she could marry Imran Khan on the first of January (2018), otherwise Imran Khan wouldn't become the prime minister of the country, so she didn't observe the mandatory waiting period (iddat), which makes one wonder how she can pose as a Muslim spiritualist. It also proves that Imran Khan doesn't know anything about Islam and he should stop talking about making Pakistan another Madina. In the state of Madina, such a man would probably have been stoned to death (along with his wife).

What really amazes me is that Imran Khan, despite being an Oxford graduate, believes in all this mumbo jumbo of astrology, palmistry and what not. I can understand the average Pakistani falling for such stuff but at least Imran Khan shouldn't have been duped. But then, truth is stranger than fiction.