I can understand the illiterate Pakistani man wanting to have ten children at least. But I can't understand why even Pakistani graduates think that birth control is a heinous sin. There was a time when it was normal for Memons to have six to eight children (even though there was one in our neighborhood who had seventeen children from one wife). Memons of my age are satisfied with three, although there was one with nine kids, He looked so much like me that even his four year old daughter mistook me for her father. He died of heart disease before attaining the age of 50.

There was a Memon businessman I knew who once berated me for saying that Muslims should limit the number of children they have. Apart from Memons, other Pakistanis are continuing to produce at least six children if not more. One reason of course is that they want to keep their wives so busy they won't have time to look at other men. Perhaps they also believe that it will prevent them from spending more on clothes and make-up.

Ultimately, it's the mullah who is to blame for brainwashing Muslims into believing that birth control is a sin and those who limit the number of their children will burn in hell.