Why do older Pakistani Muslims think that Islam is in grave danger if our youngsters enjoy themselves? A couple of days back, a female government official warned college and university officials in the country against celebrating the Holi festival in their premises. Earlier, in March, Jamat-e-Islami activists had disrupted Holi celebrations in Punjab University. 

This religious party has never been able to win more than five or six seats in general elections. Its activists apparently think it's a heinous sin for Pakistani Muslims to enjoy themselves by indulging in celebrating festivals like Holi and New Year.

There was a time when New Year parties were regularly held in Karachi's hotels and clubs. Jamat-e-Islami activists would disrupt these events by damaging vehicles parked outside such places (even private residences were not spared). In Karachi University, they used to beat up male and female students for talking to each other or sitting less than five feet apart.

One reason for its lack of success is its obsession with women. For five years it was in a coalition government in KP, but its main concern was to remove pictures of women and animals from textbooks. The day it comes to power in the country will be a bad day for us all.