Military courts were allowed to try civilians many years ago because the country was in the grip of terrorism. No one objected to civilians being tried in army courts, especially Imran Khan. In fact, when Imran Khan was the prime minister, many civilians were tried and some were even sentenced to death by military courts.

Suddenly, there is a deep-rooted objection to army courts, now that Imran Khan is in danger of being sentenced to death by the military. I don't think Imran Khan will be executed if sentenced to death (although it won't be such a bad thing, even though I'm against capital punishment).

Surprisingly those who have petitioned the apex court to stop army courts from trying civilians are two lawyers long associated with the Peoples Party. Memberships of both advocates have been suspended by the party. I can understand their revulsion, but why didn't they say anything when army courts were trying those who are not associated with Imran Khan's party (PTI).

The Supreme Court refused to grant a stay order, but has decided to hear arguments from both sides to decide the case speedily. It'll be interesting to see what the seven judges decide. But some of the rioters at least should be punished severely and for this a trial by an army court is necessary. We've seen how partial our judges are towards Imran Khan and his party, so it's doubtful if they will find him or any of his party members guilty, despite there being plenty of evidence to convict them.