In Pakistan, whenever the government is in danger of being replaced, ruling party leaders suddenly decide that Pakistan's problems can be solved only by subjugating women. Despite Imran Khan being clean-shaven and suspected of indulging in un-Islamic acts, his chief minister in Azad Kashmir has made it mandatory for all school girls and working women to be completely covered all the time. This has of course happened in other parts of Pakistan in the past, but every time women have reacted and got the order revoked.

I know of course, that people like Imran Khan have been brought up to believe that women are responsible for all evil on earth. They are also convinced that earthquakes, tsunamis, fire forests, etc are all due to women going around unveiled. This is also why Imran Khan was once called Taliban Khan in the past. But will his female admirers resist this move to subjugate them? I doubt it. It appears that Imran Khan is so popular among women specially that even if he publicly confesses to all that he is suspected or accused of doing, they will still worship him. 

There is one thing I don't understand: despite all kinds of un-Islamic acts by Pakistani men (lying, adulteration, killing, etc), why don't they force men to dress like Arabs do? Is it because they know they will become unpopular?