Every week or so Imran Khan comes up with a new theory about how and why his government was toppled. At first it was Uncle Sam who decided to remove him from power. Then it was the army chief Gen. Bajwa who was the culprit. A few weeks later he claimed it was former ambassador Hussain Haqqani who told President Biden that Imran Khan is anti-American and should be removed. 

When Mohsin Naqvi was appointed caretaker chief minister of Punjab, Imran Khan claimed that it was Naqvi who played a major role in his government's removal. 

A couple of days back six big businessman met the present army chief who assured them that the worst is over and the economy is recovering. Immediately Imran's cronies said that it was these businessmen who had told Bajwa that Imran's government was inefficient and the economy was tottering, as a result of which Bajwa decided to remove Imran Khan from power.

So when will the conspiracy theories end? One of these days Imran Khan will say that the milk seller in his neighborhood met Gen. Bajwa and told him the country was collapsing  and Imran Khan's government was responsible for it, leading to his government's dismissal. 

The fact of course is that Imran Khan was removed in a democratic manner by those who had elected him in the first place. But of course he will never admit it.