The only good thing I can say about Imran Khan is that he's provided us with a lot of entertainment. Pakistan's politics was always dirty, but he has made it so toxic that sometimes it's sickening. We knew that the Sharifs and Zardari were corrupt to the core, but he's broken all records.

Imran has proved that he's a nincompoop by his repeated tirades against former army chief Bajwa. He should've known that the army has a lot of audio and video tapes incriminating him, so he should have been more careful. By damaging the army's reputation so much, he deserves what he's getting.

We always knew that Imran Khan was not what is known as a man of good character. Even his second wife (Reham Khan) gave many details of his liaisons with both men and women. It was an open secret that he's had an illegitimate daughter from the late Sita White. There are rumors of other illegitimate children of his, some of them in India as well. Yet the supreme court chief justice declared Imran Khan as "Sadiq and Ameen" (honest and forthright).

And Imran has now proved that despite all his talk of making an other Madina out of Pakistan he was lying through his teeth. The latest audio tapes of his reveal his true character. He is heard discussing sexual matters with another woman (who will probably be shot or divorced by her husband, unless he too is Imran's lover).

I wonder how Imran's wife is able to tolerate him. Now that she knows about his sexual escapades, will she divorce him? I doubt it.