With Imran Khan's popularity graph declining noticeably, his supporters are finding it very difficult to defend him. At first, they claimed that the incriminating audio is fake, then they said it's a personal matter and should not be made public. Imran Khan himself is quoting from the Holy Book about not revealing or publicizing the mistakes and sins of others. He should have thought of all this when he was lambasting his political opponents for much lesser sins. But then, we shouldn't be surprised. Imran Khan has frequently played the religion card to appear very holy to his voters. But now I doubt if they can be fooled. Some of them, the die-hard ones, will of course never think of him as anything but a good man, in fact one of them even tweeted that he will support Imran even if he comes across a video depicting a naked Imran indulging in unmentionable activities.

Such a video clip has been in the news for many months now. There are some who've seen it and say they can't talk about it, it's so shocking. There are reports of other audios and videos in existence. All of them should be publicized repeatedly until Imran Khan himself quits politics. That's the only way the country can be saved.