Imran Khan has been leading his long march for four days now, and with the government and the Establishment showing no signs of surrendering, he is getting more desperate by the hour. Yesterday, he first pleaded with the Establishment to remove the government and restore him to power. A couple of hours later, he warned that there would be bloodshed if his demands were not met, despite saying all this time that the march and the sit-in would be peaceful (a "picnic", as he had earlier said).

The point is, he is deliberately vague as to what he wants. But it increasingly appears that he wants an army chief of his choice, someone who would help him win the next elections (a repeat of what happened in 2018). But he forgets that no general would openly support him now. The Islamabad High Court, which has helped him a lot in recent days, finally showed some courage and did not immediately reverse the decision of the Election Commission to disqualify Imran Khan (for selling state items like the expensive Saudi prince's watch and pocketing the proceeds).

So we should ask if the point of no return has been reached. According to some people, the march will be called off before it reaches Islamabad (a compromise may be reached). But it's more likely that Imran Khan will not relent until a few hundred people are killed. The people of Islamabad, at least, are sick of him and would never vote for his party.