The Americans and the British were good at getting their agents "elected" or "selected". The Shah of Iran was one such person, another was King Hussain of Jordan. Saddam Hussain was known to be a CIA agent until he rebelled. In Pakistan, I won't be surprised if a lot of people conclude that Imran Khan is an Indian agent.

Two days back, the military establishment held a press conference to counter allegations by Imran Khan that its chief is a traitor. But instead of retreating and keeping quiet, the moron Imran went on the offensive, threatening the Director ISI for holding what he called a political news conference. This is indeed amazing. If the ISI wants, it can release a lot of evidence proving Imran's incompetence as well as his hypocrisy. The two generals also countered the allegation that the army was behind the murder of a Pakistani journalist in Kenya, pointing out that it was Imran Khan himself who had advised the late Arshad Sharif to get out of the country.  

Naturally the Indians are jubilant. Making Pakistan's army ineffective is something they've always wanted, and now Imran Khan is doing it for them. They've spent billions to achieve this and failed, yet Imran Khan has done it for them without firing a shot. So you can't blame people for thinking that Imran Khan is an Indian agent.