I've always suspected that Pakistan was created in the name of corruption. The latest acquittal of Shahbaz Sharif and his son in corruption cases against them proves my point. Of course, everyone knows why they were acquitted. Imran Khan himself has indulged in massive corruption, yet the courts dare not convict him. Leave alone conviction, they can't even have him arrested. In the present circumstances, if anyone from the ruling party is arrested or convicted, questions about the judiciary's impartiality will be raised.

A few weeks ago, the courts acquitted those whom Imran Khan once called the biggest dacoits but who are now his allies. Similarly Asif Zardari was also let off, along with a few of his cronies. It looks like the corrupt will always get away with their crimes, laughing all the way to their banks.

So, what's the solution? It's impossible to have an impartial, independent judiciary in this country, where the judges are appointed by politicians. Perhaps a system in which the rulers have no say in how judges are appointed or promoted could work. In the U.S., even though Supreme Court judges are appointed by the President, in the lower courts you find judges acting independently. The nearest thing to such an institution in Pakistan is the Election Commission, which acted independently against Imran Khan's government, and has earned his wrath. He's insulting the Chief Election Commissioner almost every day, and he will not accept any election results that go against him. It looks like no one can save Pakistan from this monster.