Those who believe in reincarnation (I don't) could reasonably believe that somehow Hitler's soul kept wandering for seven years until Imran Khan was born. Everything that Imran Khan does reminds one of Hitler. Take his habit of lying through his teeth and repeating lies about his political opponents. It was one of Hitler's ministers who said, "Repeat a lie many times and people will accept it as the truth". This of course was possible in 1939 when there was no social media, but today, whenever Imran Khan says something, it's easy to find evidence that he'd said the opposite thing some months back.

A couple of weeks ago he said that there had been no restriction on the press and the media when he was the prime minister. Immediately a TV analyst (Hamid Mir) gave details of the many journalists and reporters who were picked up and tortured by Imran's men. The owner of Geo, for instance, was jailed for eight months without any reason. Pakistan was one of the most dangerous places for journalists when Imran was in power, Pakistan fell 12 points in the Press Freedom Index while Imran Khan himself was named as a Press Freedom predator by Reporters without borders.

Imran again is known for his contempt for democracy (like Hitler). He has assembled a force of a few thousand youngsters to be used for an attack on parliament, just like Hitler did. 

And then there is the Nazi salute adopted by Imran Khan and his followers at a recent gathering. A couple of thousand followers of Imran Khan (including ministers) raised their hands Nazi style and swore to wage jihad against the present government. It almost makes one believe in reincarnation.