Just when we thought Imran Khan might, for once in his life, say something sensible, he instead says something that proves he's mentally unstable and should be locked up. The man now claims that if the army does not help him become prime minister, Pakistan's nuclear assets will have to be surrendered and the country will break up into three parts. Apparently he believes that only he can save the country. He forgets that until four years back, the people ruling the country were the ones who are doing it today and the country did not break up then. In fact, it was Imran's nemesis Nawaz Sharif that made the country a nuclear power, despite Clinton offering him bribes not to do so. 

Even though he says that God has given him everything and he doesn't need to be in politics, it's evident that he desperately wants power at all costs, even if it damages the country. I hope the establishment and the judiciary will not fall into the trap again and will remain impartial. They should particularly be firm and not change the present chief election commissioner who has proved to be tough and absolutely neutral. 

I'm worried that the judiciary is repeatedly favoring Imran Khan. The foreign funding case that has not been decided despite a lapse of eight years is particularly damaging the judiciary's reputation. The Supreme Court should demand that the election commission immediately announce its findings so that Imran Khan can be banned from contesting elections again.