Now Imran Khan must be asking his wife how the British prime minister was able to survive the no-confidence vote against him, while he (Imran) was easily ousted. Maybe he'll find out that Johnson survived because his wife wasn't routinely taking 5 carat diamond rings from prominent real estate barons. 

The audio of Malik Riaz and his daughter talking about Imran's wife Bushra demanding and getting a 5 carat diamond ring (worth at least two hundred million rupees) must surely have dented Imran's popularity. Of course those who think he's a saint or a prophet will not believe anything they hear against him, but Imran's inner circle must be wondering why they should support Imran Khan now that it's well-known that he's getting all the benefits. First there was the Saudi prince's watch sold for 85 million rupees and now this thing about his wife getting a million dollar ring, as well as her friend Farah decamping to Dubai after earning billions. Already there is talk about Imran's party men not being happy with his directive to resign from the national assembly. I won't be surprised if there's an open rebellion against him after more such scandals come to the surface.

Some retired generals and others are openly supporting Imran Khan and even asking the present army chief to restore him to power. These are the people who have sworn to protect and defend the Constitution, but they don't think much of their oath. One general even told a reporter to arrange for his (the reporter's) funeral after the latter asked him why he didn't resign when OBL was found hiding in a house in Abbotabad. Thanks to social media we get to hear about such things. When there was only the printed newspaper from which we got information, there would be a lot of unverified rumors circulating around. We should thank those who invented Facebook, Whattsapp and Twitter.