It's been only five weeks since the new government assumed power. Imran Khan ranted against the establishment as well as the judiciary, holding large rallies almost every other day, accusing both the judges and the generals of being traitors for not preventing his downfall. Now, with the government negotiating an agreement with the IMF, suddenly the judiciary has decided to assert itself in favor of Imran's party (PTI).

The Supreme Court ruled 3-2 that the votes of dissenting PTI members would not be counted in a vote of no confidence. This essentially means that Punjab would no longer be controlled by the PMLN. Perhaps it is the fear of the Sharif family again dominating Punjab in the next elections that spurred the judges to make this unconstitutional amendment, even though it had earlier given an opposite judgment (in both cases favoring Imran Khan). This judgment means that neither Imran Khan nor his cronies can be prosecuted for corruption (unless it's in the US, where Arif Naqvi will be tried and will name Imran Khan as one of the people he paid Imran Khan200,000 dollars from the money he stole from Bill Gates).

The next thing they've done is to take suo moto action preventing the ruling PMLN from transferring officials appointed by the previous government to prosecute members of the Sharif family for corruption. These officers were appointed by Imran Khan's highly corrupt advisor Shehzad Akbar, who fled to London when he saw that his boss was about to be removed from power. Secondly, in the four years that Imran Khan misruled the country the court did not take action when he repeatedly did the same thing. The Foreign Funding Case against Imran Khan has taken over eight years but due to delaying tactics by the PTI, a verdict has not been delivered. Today it was postponed again because the party's lawyer suddenly left for Switzerland. No suo moto action in this case, because it was going against Imran Khan.

This kind of thing is not in the domain of the apex court.  People will no longer have any faith in the country's judicial system if the judges act against the constitution. There are of course judges who are not swayed by demagogues like Imran Khan, but the Chief Justice conveniently ignores them when forming five member benches to hear such cases that would go against Imran Khan. All I can say is, the country is headed towards a meltdown.