What the psychopath Imran Khan said yesterday about Marium Nawaz should enrage all decent women throughout the world (except of course those who regard him as a kind of prophet). He said something that any husband would have killed him for it. Addressing Maryum directly in his speech in Multan, he asked her not to say his name with such fervor and enthusiasm lest her husband becomes infuriated with her. From a 70-year old Pakistani man, this is unforgivable. He's old enough to be her father, but the man can't hold his tongue. Some of his cronies should tell him to remain silent for a few days, it will be a relief for the entire nation. I pray everyday that he gets a severe throat infection.

Meanwhile, the courts have given further evidence of being scared and buckling down to pressure from Imran Khan. Contrary to expectations, the Election Comissioner (undoubtedly under pressure from the establishment), de-seated those dissident Imranians who had voted for the opposition when electing a new chief minister for the Punjab Assembly. Of course, right now, Imran's devotees are ecstatic, but they don't realize that this is a blow for their party as well, since they've lost 25 members in the assembly, so effectively they are the minor party right now. In future as well, no opposition members will be able to support them if they require.