Imran Khan poses a serious security risk to Pakistan. Each day he grows more and more violent. Now he is openly blaming the army and the judiciary for his troubles. He is warning that if the army doesn't get him re-instated he will cause more damage. And this is one reason why he should be stopped. The alternative of course is another break-up of the country.

I thought by now his cronies would have deserted him. Shah Mahmood Qureishi had been silent so far, yet today they both came out against the new government. I have always wondered where all the money looted by Imran Khan was spent. Now I know. It seems he has bought some generals and judges, which could be the reason for his increased belligerence.

Now it seems increasingly probable that he thought he would be able to rule the country until his death, with the support of the establishment. One thing is sure: he knows he can't win the next elections, so he's made plans to go on agitating until the army takes over and makes him the prime minister. That will be disastrous for the people.  

Perhaps he thinks the people will come out massively in his support if he is arrested. Bhutto suffered from the same delusion, yet only a handful of his loyalists protested when he was hanged. The government should put Imran Khan and a few of his cronies in jail. They will be shocked to find that there are no protests.