There must be something about Imran Khan that makes his followers believe he's a saint (or prophet). He's a compulsive liar, a thief and a narcissist. Yet there are thousands who think he's the only one who can change Pakistan's destiny.

Now that there is growing evidence of his corruption, and he's fighting tooth and nail to prevent being disqualified from politics, they should have the sense to realize that he's as corrupt (if not more) than previous rulers. Yet they continue to live in denial. 

Even though he indirectly called the army chief a traitor, saying that he's Pakistan's Mir Jaffer, Imran's followers still can't see that their hero is a nincompoop. Of course, being the liar he is, Imran immediately recanted the next day, after the army objected. He said he had called Shehbaz Sharif (his successor) a traitor, but he's only fooling himself if he thinks the army and the public believe him.

I'm surprised why the new government isn't going all out to expose Imran Khan. They should widely publicize his role in the verbal abuse hurled against the ministers in Madina, they should repeatedly remind the public of the theft of expensive gifts received from foreign rulers, and of course the car which belongs to the government but which has been appropriated by Imran Khan. This is the only way to make sure Imran Khan's followers desert him.