The Supreme Court verdict about the deputy speaker's rejection of the no-confidence motion baffled Imran Khan's followers. Most of them are not conversant with the law of the land, in fact I wouldn't call them educated at all, even though some of them have bachelors' degrees. Imran Khan himself has a degree from Oxford, but no one can forget his bloomers about Germany and Japan being neighbors and Jesus Christ not being mentioned in history books. 

The question to be decided by the apex court was simple: did the deputy speaker act in accordance with the Constitution? It should not have taken more than a few hours to decide, yet the court took five days. It considered all aspects, including whether the opposition members of parliament were acting at the behest of the United States to overthrow Imran Khan (in my opinion, even if that were true, it should have had no bearing on the outcome of the case). So, when the court held the ruling unconstitutional, Imranians went into overdrive, accusing the court of being biased. Yesterday the Chief Justice mentioned this fact, saying that he and his brother judges were not bothered by such accusations in rallies and the social media.

I can explain why Imran's followers can't understand the verdict. Suppose you have owned an empty plot of land for many years and have the necessary documents to prove that you are the genuine owner of the plot. One day someone else occupies the plot, and you have to go to the court to get him evicted. The fake land grabber's lawyer (someone like Fawad Choudhry) says, "Your Honor, it's true that my client does not have proof of ownership, but he's a deeply religious man whose sons are studying in madressahs, whose daughters were married before the age of 15, and who plans to build a masjid on this plot. The other party can't be called a good man because he spends his days and nights in the clubs and gymkhanas, his sons were educated in English medium schools, and his daughter wears jeans. Therefore the plot should be given to my client". 

This is how illiterate followers of Imran Khan viewed the case. They wanted the verdict in their favor simply because they considered themselves patriots, while in their opinion the opposition members were all traitors.