I can't help thinking about how how Imran Khan is just like Bhutto. Bhutto didn't give a damn about what would happen to Pakistan while Imran is going in the same direction, even if means damaging the country. Bhutto of course wanted to be prime minister so much that he contributed to breaking up Pakistan. Now, Imran Khan's minions are vilifying the judges who gave the verdict against his unconstitutional attempt to delay the vote of no-confidence against him. They are raising slogans against the army for not helping him stay in power. and of course Imran doesn't give a shit, he knows he's doomed if he remains in the opposition. Already he's saying that the foreign funding case against him is fake, even though he got it delayed for eight years because the judiciary until now was favoring him.

His activists on social media fabricated audios of retired generals speaking against the army. They made viral a fake video of Justice Nasira Iqbal, the daughter-in-law of Allama Iqbal, speaking against the verdict given by the five judges (among whom was the CJP who had declared Imran Khan honest and upright, despite there being plenty of evidence that he is a crook).

Another sword dangling over his head is Arif Naqvi's claim that he gave 2 million dollars out of the money donated by Bill Gates. Arif Naqvi is the fraudster who got millions from Arab Shaikhs and others. Ultimately he was destroyed by his own lies. Now that he's being extradited to the US, it won't be long before he reveals everything about how he helped Imran Khan win the 2018 elections.

In the recent Karachi rally, Imran Khan flew from Islamabad to Karachi and back in a chartered plane, something that is supposed to have cost him 29 lakhs (or 2.9 million). Obviously, this is the money he has looted from the state, even though it is said that a Pakistani businessman in Dubai paid the cash. Of course, his loyalists will not remember his promise to use only commercial flights. And while he was in Karachi, he didn't attend the funeral of Mrs. Bilquis Edhi, whose son had given Imran a cool ten million in full public view. 

I hope Imran Khan is permanently disqualified from politics by next month.