It's really three and a half years of misrule, because there has been no governance since PTI came to power. From the very beginning, Imran Khan has acted like a dictator, with the result that he's managed to alienate almost everyone who matters. His coalition partners (those who still support him) are on the verge of deserting him. The no-confidence motion is giving him sleepless nights. Federal ministers in his cabinet have started fighting among themselves, with that loudmouth Shaikh Rashid in the lead. Another one (aviation minister Ghulam Sarwar) says he wishes he could become a suicide bomber and blow the opposition up. IK's desperate decision to gather a million people in Islamabad to prove his popularity is bound to make him even more unpopular than he is.

What I can't understand is why even after he's proved himself a nincompoop many times, there are people who still like him. For some reason, he's still popular among some retired army officers, despite his arrogant attitude towards senior serving officers. By saying that he would decide whether to give an extension to the present army chief later (as November is still a few months away), he was telling his supporters that he's the real boss. Anyone can see that Imran Khan suffers from a massive inferiority complex and is now a security risk (before the elections, I had tweeted this when Imran Khan was not the prime minister and it had been retweeted and read by at least fifty thousand people on the first day). 

More evidence of Imran Khan's low intelligence is his unwavering support for Chief Minister Buzdar of Punjab. It is widely rumored that Buzdar was appointed because her Holiness wanted it. There are also allegations of Buzdar being very corrupt, but of course that shouldn't raise eyebrows in this country.

The only explanation for why some people still like Imran Khan is that they have low IQs (probably due to them being products of cousin marriages). I would like to mention here that my parents were not cousins, in fact they were not even distantly related. My wife and I are not cousins, although our parents were from the same town (Bhavnagar). Cousin marriages were not common among Memons until thirty years ago. Nowadays, however, Memons are marrying their first cousins. Already I don't know what to talk about with most  Memons, in future an intelligent Memon will be hard to find.