Although the danger is not yet over, Imran Khan seems to have saved himself in the nick of time. Yesterday, after police beat up and arrested some MNAs of JUI-F, and Fazlur Rahman asked his workers throughout the country to come out on the streets in protest, I thought it was all over for the selected prime minister. My belief was reinforced when Shaikh Rasheed of all people warned the protesters that they should not break the law or they will face the full might of the state. This is the man who used to urge people to damage property when he was in the opposition with Imran Khan on the container in 2014. I fully expected him to arrest more people and then face the wrath of the people, as happened with Bhutto. But in the night, all the workers and MNAs were released and no demonstrations are expected for the present at least.

But then, if the Election Commission is really impartial, Imran Khan should be disqualified for threatening those of his dissenting party workers who want to vote against him in the No-confidence motion. Even Shaikh Rasheed warned that they would be punished and barred from voting. Imran Khan has told his party men not to attend the No-confidence motion, so that he can know which of his party members will vote for the opposition. He thinks that he can get them disqualified even before they cast their votes. Someone should tell him that the Supreme Court has ruled otherwise. 

Even if Imran Khan manages to cling to power for a few days, he's doomed. If he doesn't resign soon, it will be very difficult for him to avoid what happened to Bhutto and Gaddafi.