Like Trump, Imran Khan is trying desperately to cling to power, despite having lost his majority. The previous so-called highly corrupt government had managed to contain inflation and the exchange rate stable (without going to the IMF). I was never fooled by Imran Khan's rhetoric. I knew that corruption would continue and stories are now emerging of his government's corruption (much more will definitely be revealed later). I'm amazed that IK was able to convince many educated people to support him, including those who got him "elected". And even after three and a half years of mis-governance and corruption, some people still think he's better than anyone else. Those who came before were definitely corrupt but at least they didn't try to cling to power (like Trump) when they saw the writing on the wall. IK evidently thought he would always be supported by those who selected him and he would be able to rule forever. The Constitution is clear on the subject. Having lost his majority, he should have the grace to resign, He says he knows the UK, he should be aware that in similar circumstances the UK prime minister would have resigned.

More dangerous is Imran Khan's call to hold a million-man rally, with armed men ready to kill. He thinks he can cow down those who selected him and who are now impartial. He has told them he will be more dangerous outside parliament if removed from power. He's also berating them for being neutral now, when he needs them the most. His lawyers apparently have fake degrees, they have gone to court to get the defectors permanently disqualified from politics, evidently thinking that they will return to his party. I doubt if they can succeed. The courts will abide by the Constitution, they cannot make another law, or amend the present one if it is defective. I hope they see Imran Khan's game and don't favor him. If they do, the public is bound to think that they still support him. Either Imran goes or the country sees a blood bath.