At least Imran Khan and his cronies are consistent in one thing: violating rules and interpreting the Constitution according to their own whims. The Speaker, who in a parliamentary democracy is supposed to be impartial, has acted as if he's the personal servant of Imran Khan. First, he didn't convene the National Assembly on March 21, today he refused to accept the motion to remove Imran Khan, but postponed it to March 28, a day after the moronic prime minister will address a huge gathering of a million people to prove that the whole country wants him to continue as prime minister. Apparently he doesn't know that there are 220 million Pakistanis, and even if everyone in the million-strong crowd votes for his party, what about the remaining 219 million, more than half of whom are eligible to vote?

I doubt if there ever has been a politician as shameless as Imran Khan. He's an inveterate liar, the only thing about him that appeals to crowds is his handsome face and perhaps the way he speaks English. But seeing that he's failed completely, and has consistently made U-turns day in and day out, I wonder how he can expect to get elected again.

Just consider what he's doing nowadays. Despite being repeatedly warned and fined, he refuses to obey the order to refrain from visiting those places where local elections are being held. Almost every day for the past week, he's addressed huge crowds. Obviously, it's government money that is being spent to arrange for the public to listen to him. But no, he has the audacity to talk about honesty and how Islam teaches us to be honest and truthful. Once he's ousted, we'll find out the scope and extent of his corruption. I'm sure he will turn out to be more corrupt than Zardari and Sharif combined.