Just when you thought Imran Khan has finally grown up, he goes ahead and does something that proves he will always be a fool. When in opposition, he had fiercely criticized the PECA act, which was designed by Nawaz Sharif to prevent the media from criticizing his failures and corruption. Now that Imran Khan is under fire for the same reason, he amended the same law so that no one would dare retweet or post on Facebook or forward on Whattsapp anything without first confirming it's true. The law is so draconian that even I have started thinking many times before retweeting any news. The other day I retweeted about Imran Khan's stepson being arrested for being drunk, but then I deleted it for fear that it might not be true and I would be arrested. When the news was confirmed by DAWN, I did retweet it. 

Then there's his latest gaffe. Despite all the evidence that a war would break out between Russia and Ukraine, the moron went ahead and landed in Moscow yesterday. You can see that the Russians don't think much of Imran, because at the airport, he was received by a very minor official (the Deputy Foreign Minister). And today he's going to meet Putin for talks about Islamophobia. I wonder what Putin will say to him, or what he will say to Putin. Probably Putin will be too busy to say much, except to offer him tea and sandwiches. I hope Imran Khan makes some stupid statement when he returns. Perhaps he will say that he supports Russia, and that will surely make him a pariah in the comity of nations.