As if Musharraf's unexplained wealth was not enough, now we have the "Swiss" leaks, where many Pakistanis have parked their ill-gotten wealth. One of them (now dead) was Zia's spy chief (Gen. Akhtar Abdur Rehman) who was killed in the air crash with his boss. It seems that the funds given by the Saudis and the Americans were diverted into the Swiss accounts of this and other military figures. And we always thought all our generals, brigadiers and colonels were honest! Some of them, it is now evident, were involved in mind-boggling corruption.

I doubt if any of them will be taken to task. I've heard that some of them plea-bargained their way out of trouble but people like Musharraf will remain free, their wealth passing on to their children and grandchildren. Musharraf himself is facing charges, but has conveniently parked himself in Dubai, enjoying the good life. 

General Zia's spy chief who has been named in the latest scandal, has been dead now for 34 years, but his sons appear to be wealthy. One of them is with Imran Khan, another one is with Nawaz Sharif, I don't know about the third one, but all have so much wealth that they can retire comfortably and not worry about the future.

I was wondering how Imran Khan can talk with a straight face about corruption by his political opponents, considering that some of his own ministers and his "selectors" are corrupt to the core. I'm sure, when he's been thrown out, there will be enough evidence to convict him as well.