I've long known that there is something physically wrong with me. Throughout my life I've been sick every winter of my life. My nose gets blocked, after a few days I start coughing and spitting out phlegm (I've never been able to find out why phlegm is formed). I also develop a mild fever, my whole body aches and most of the times I keep thinking whether or not I should kill myself. And even though I spend a fortune every year (besides refraining from consuming cold drinks and cold water), every year it happens. This year is no different.

Sometimes I think it's due to old age. Often I believe it's in the food, but what is certain is that it's something in the cold weather that causes my nose block. Sometimes I can't sleep at all and feel terrible the next day. In my thirties and forties, I used to get up and walk for half an hour before my nose cleared. But in recent years I've not been able to do that as I can't even think about getting up in the extremely cold weather. Actually the temperature is the same as in past years but I am feeling the cold. Maybe it's the humidity that has decreased this year, and that's what causes my nose block and the phlegm. 

I do wish I had enough money to go to a country like Sri Lanka or Malaysia, where the temperature remains constant throughout the year. But even if I did, it's impossible this year, with the Covid virus rampant in almost all countries.