There are increasing signs that Pakistan may not survive. I hope to God I'm wrong, but if it disintegrates, the main reason would be the greed of its leaders and their failure to enforce the law,

Shahrukh Jatoi was sentenced to death but apparently escaped execution after reaching a settlement with the victim's family. Normally he would have been released, but the court decided that the victim's family may have been coerced into "forgiving" him. What is important is that the killer should have been in jail, but an intrepid reporter saw him in a private hospital and Geo telecast the news. It turned out that he had been outside the jail for most of the time, perhaps being there only when a higher-up was due to visit. Sharukh was able to get away with it because he is a member of a highly influential family of politicians (one of them was Pakistan's prime minister). Obviously, the law enforcers looked the other way because they know that their jobs depended on keeping feudals like the Jatois happy.

A similar instance is that of Usman Mirza, the s.o.b. who forced a couple to take off their clothes and indulge in sexual intercourse so he could make a video and blackmail them. He even raped the poor girl. It was an open and shut case, with many witnesses and video evidence. When hearings of the case got postponed repeatedly, I knew the victim couple was being forced to withdraw their complaint against the bastard. And this is exactly what happened. The scoundrel will now be free, even though a senior police official has said he can be convicted on the basis of evidence available. Even if some judge is bold enough to sentence him to a jail term, you can bet he'll bribe his way to freedom, living in his own house or a hospital most of the time. 

I have lost all hope. These are two instances (there are many others, like the 23 killed in Murree the other day due to Imran Khan's negligence) that prove that Pakistan is a failed state and only a miracle can save it from disintegration.