Imran Khan has polarized the country so much that his followers believe that anyone saying anything against him is a traitor. Being the establishment's favorite, he naturally didn't like Justice Isa, as the latter had condemned the army for aiding the TLP in its efforts to destabilize the previous government. After that decision, the establishment has gone after Justice Isa and found that his wife had property abroad. Naturally, the establishment assumed that the judge's wife had bought the property with money provided by her husband, so they concluded that the judge must be corrupt as he couldn't have had so much money on his meager salary.

The apex court ruled that a man can't be held responsible for his wife's actions, if the wife has illegally acquired assets, she's the one who should be charged and convicted. This came as a shock to the corrupt ministers in the PTI government (who are suddenly obsessed with replacing the present parliamentary system with the presidential one). Of all people, lawyer Fawad Choudhri has asked the judiciary to improve its image, which according to him has been damaged by its recent judgement. 

I do not know if Justice Isa is dishonest or not, what I do know is that recently he was one of the few judges who didn't apply for a plot in a society meant for low-paid employees of the law department. The present CJ Gulzar (who retires today) as well as Bandial (who will replace him) applied for plots and were rewarded with plots in a prime location through a computerized draw. This of course is not enough to prove the honesty of Justice Isa (who may be the next CJ, unless the establishment finds something else to charge him with). At least it is apparent that the establishment dreads the day he becomes chief justice, because they know he will not be as pliant as the others.