Two days ago a close female relative (about 68 or 69 years old) passed away. I rarely go to funerals because of the fear of getting Covid, but this time I had to attend the funeral as well as the gathering on the next day just so her husband wouldn't feel bad. I was astonished to see men in their thirties and forties weighing more than a hundred kilos and already on insulin. Among them was a son of the deceased woman. He used to be an active boy in school and I had thought he would be a huge success in the corporate world, but because his late mother was deeply religious and wanted her sons to be like her, he had joined the Tableeghi Jamaat and became unemployable. No surprise, yesterday, just two days after his mother's death he was off to attend a huge gathering of his fellow Tableeghis where they are told what will happen to them after they're dead.

What I don't understand is why they accumulate so much weight. My late cousin's son is one of them. His father died nine years back, and at that time he didn't weigh so much. In fact, he used to be regular at the club gym, many times he would be on the treadmill besides me. Yet even though he has sufficient will power to get up very early in the morning for prayers, he just can't summon the will to walk half an hour a day. Surely, being a gold medalist graduate in business administration, he must be aware that obesity can cause him to have a stroke or an early heart attack. But no, he's been brainwashed into believing that if it's in his stars to be obese or die an early death, there's nothing he can do to avert it. Already, at the age of 40, he's on insulin and suffering from arthritis also. 

I know these fat young Memons will go on gaining weight for the remainder of their lives and will be lucky to live beyond 60.